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BIOSAN BAC is an alcoholic solution of didecyl-dimethyl-ammonium chloride, second generation quaternary, with marked sanitizing properties.

This is a product that presents, with respect to the various sanitizers currently in use, very important characteristics:

  • Low cost of use
  • Absence of irritating or corrosive actions
  • Low toxicity
  • Long residual action



Food processing
For pipes, pumps, filler nozzles,
various equipment, knives, shelves, slicers, staff changing rooms

Canteens, communities, gyms and swimming pools
For small machines, shelves, cabinets, refrigerators and work tables.

Surgeries and clinics.
Outpatients, corridors, analysis laboratories, waiting rooms, ambulances, veterinary clinics, offices, toilets.

Buses, taxis, rental cars, campers and caravans, airplanes, railway carriages.




The BIOSAN BAC SPRAY is available in a 400 ml spray bottle equipped with a particular dispenser that can be used in two ways:

  • Spray small quantities of product to sanitize equipment, furniture and furnishings.
  • Block the dispenser on continuous spraying in order to atomize a whole tank for the complete sanitation of a small confined environment. The complete emptying of the cylinder takes 8.5 minutes..

In this second case, place the cylinder in the center of the room, press fully and lock the dispenser. Abandon the environment by closing doors and windows. Reuse the room after 1 hour.
It isn’t necessary the presence of the operator in place and this represents a saving of work and a greater safety for the staff.



Aspect             : aerosol  400 ml

Odor                : spirituous

Ignition             : 365 °C (Calculated)

Pressure           : 5.5-6.5 bar

Cod                  : K00751S0