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Fumigant Tablets

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Fumigant Tablets

Best certified quality

Made in Italy

Kemper has developed and produces fumigant tablets for livestock environments and for the food & feed sectors using different active ingredients such as paraformaldehyde, orthophenylphenol, hydroxyacetic acid. The production technology combined with the fumigation process allow to perform an extremely effective and very advantageous treatment from an economic and management point of view, in fact it is possible to achieve simultaneously:

-Surface treatment (walls and floors)

-Air treatment of the entire environment

-Litter treatment

Furthermore, carrying out the treatment is easier, the human factor and the use of personnel is reduced. In many cases, the treatment performed over night allows a further optimization of timing. No equipment is needed. The tablets can be divided to adapt to different needs without waste. They are versatile because they are available in different sizes (600 – 700 – 1300 gr)

Technical brochures of each article contain more details

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Briefly, the process is based on the calibrated supply of heat to an active principle in a solid or liquid phase sufficient to obtain the transition to the gaseous state. An additional amount of heat allows the uniform diffusion of the active ingredient in the environment being treated.

The specific temperatures developed for the different active ingredients are defined with the chemical composition of the various tablets.

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