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NEO K7 is a powerful sanitizing in the form of pill (700 g each) with a basis of paraformaldehyde. Acts against pathogenic microorganisms and viruses exploiting the direct action of heat obtained following a slow combustion. During this process of fumigation,each pill comprises 300 liters of formaldehyde in a constant and continuous way, ensuring, for about 4 hours, a stable concentration of vapors. As this gas is anhydrous and lighter than the air, it spreads evenly in the close room. The result is therefore a deep and prolonged capillary disinfection of the environment.


The strong and lasting bactericidal power, the rapid and simple application, the harmlessness proven for most of the materials and the versatility against microorganisms make the NEO K7 an excellent bactericidal for use in environments where work is required for disinfection and in healthcare prevention of all infectious diseases. Moreover stops fermentations, is insect repellent, noncorrosive, leaves no odors and flavors. Normally to disinfect 100 m3of environment are used 3 liters of liquid formalin to 33%, with 3 Kg of potassium permanganate and the exothermic reaction produces about 99 grams of formaldehyde which remains active for 32 minutes. With just a tablet of NEO K 7 is free 200 gr (300 lt) of formaldehyde that remains active for more than 6 hours.

Range of use: can be used in livestock sector for disinfection of cattle farms, poultry and rabbits, brooders; (in agriculture for the treatment of storage silos); to disinfect ships’ holds, trucking, warehouses, docks, stocking places, refrigerators, hospitals and of all those environments that require specific and capillary disinfection.

Composition: paraformaldehyde 35% – 37% ; excipients 65% – 63%.

Instructions for use and dosage: one tablet is used for the disinfection of 300/400 cubic meters of

environment depending on the area of use.

1.Ignite the tablet. 2. Wait for the tablet becomes black. 3. Flame out by covering. 4. Leave fumigate the tablet until it is consumed.

Packaging: packaging boxes of 20 tablets each; each tablet is in turn enclosed in a bag bearing the instructions for use.

We recommend also our BIOSAN STERIDET a sanitizer/disinfectant in form of powder.

Note: Check in advance the employment opportunities. Uses approved and regulations can change for

different countries.


Easy: no need of special equipment for application.
Effective: fumigation guarantees longer lasting action (active principle remain unless the housing remain closed) and as is an anhydrous gas, lighter than the air, penetrates everywhere and reaches all the surfaces.
High performance: 1 tablet (700 g) is for around 300 cubic meters.
Safe: application doesn’t need any human involvement (save time, staff, health): once the operator has placed the tablet and ignites, 90% of the job is done